Fees, Privacy & FAQ

Individual Counselling/Psychotherapy
  • 50 Minute Session
Couples/Relationship Therapy
  • 50 Minute Session
Group Information Sessions
  • Per person, One Session
Phone Consultation
  • 15 Minute Phone Discussion

Unfortunately, at this stage we do not offer a Medicare Rebate or any services included in the My Mental Health Plan. We have tried to make it Ethical & Affordable (AASW recommended fee is $240)See Below for Frequently Asked Questions

Privacy, Confidentiality & Ethics

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Hey, you are important!

I inspire positive change so you are excited about the possibilities to empower yourself, improve your Wellbeing and feel supported, encouraged and understood.

This is my and why I have made a career on helping others. Everyone has a voice and we all deserve to be heard.

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Feel Welcomed

My goal is to make you feel welcomed in an environment as peaceful and calm as possible. You will feel relaxed to open up about what is bothering you, Supportive Therapy and Social Work makes every effort to make every person feel inclusive & welcome. 

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Feel Protected

If at any time you feel that guidelines have not been followed, or you feel negatively about any interaction, honestly that is not our intention. Please tell us so we can make things better, for yourself and so we don’t make that mistake with anyone else.

Everyone should learn and grow from negative experiences, so if you are dissatisfied or offended, please tell us so we can improve.

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Feel Safe

All clients must agree to and sign the ‘Consent for Therapy’ agreement. This is to understand your rights & responsibilities. A copy of this form can be found at the bottom of this page; as well as copies of all the Australian Association of Social Workers Ethical Guidelines that I comply with.

If you would like any clarifications, please speak with our friendly staff and we will help decipher any jargon that may be unfamiliar.

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Why are the sessions only 50 minutes?

50 minutes is known as  the Therapeutic Hour – it sets psychological boundaries for the therapist and the client. Firstly, it is to protect the anonymity of our clients so you have time to leave the office before the next client arrives for their session. Secondly, for psychological protection; to sit with the emotional pain for longer than 50 minutes can be unethical and I would try to reduce where possible.

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How is therapy different from talking with a friend?

Professional support is a structured approach how best benefit the client. We do not have previous knowledge about you like a friend would, we are not dismissive or would downplay any of your concerns. You are able to trust us in a way you wouldn’t with your friend because we listen unconditionally, with no judgement and encourage you to be as honest as you can so we can. Our priority is the safety and the confidentiality of our clients because it is from a legal and ethical viewpoint.

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Is there a cancellation fee?

If you are cancelling because of conflicting appointments or illness please let us know immediately so we can change your appointment.

If you are cancelling because you are nervous, anxious or overwhelmed by this process, please give us a chance and don’t give up on yourself. Talk to us and speak up about why you are unsure.

But if you have booked for several sessions and continually don’t show up, we will need to invoice you the full amount. We are a small business wanting to help people and respectfully need to be compensated for our time.

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