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Hi! I am Elena Bishop – Director

I’ve always had an interest in the science behind human behaviour & was always ‘that friend’ everyone spoke to and confided in, I make people feel safe and understanding without judgement. So I studied Psychology and grew into my Master of Social Work degree as it represents the bigger picture – individuals couples families society injustices and inequalities that I wanted to fight for.
This is why I started my practice, to make a positive difference – to have a voice for the voiceless. I am someone who inspires positive change in people’s lives. I support you in exploring your current concerns & investigating your history to uncover patterns that you may not even be aware of. I motivate you to feel strong & confident, to evolve into a better version of yourself and be happy in your relationships. Growth is impossible without change.
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Social Work Private Practice is Focused on The Mental And Emotional Needs Of Individuals. We provide you with the techniques and strategies so that you will reach your potential & ultimately stop coming to therapy. I know your time and money is valuable, so being structured and goal orientated as possible by implementing the latest research for your unique situation.
But if you just need the space to talk and get things off your mind, I will sit and listen patiently. Sometimes having the permission to sit and be honest about what you are feeling can make a huge difference to your wellbeing. We are all different, and we all respond to different approaches. We work out how you would benefit and tailor our services to your needs.
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We hold that every human being has a unique and inherent equal worth and that each person has a right to wellbeing, self-fulfilment and self-determination, consistent with the rights and culture of others, and a sustainable environment. The social work profession.


Social justice is a core principle that its members are obliged to promote and uphold for society in general and for the people with whom they work.


We are guided by principles of honesty, trustworthiness and good character in all aspects of professional conduct.

A therapist should make you feel important, makes you feel your opinion is valid. Finding someone who you trust and have mutual respect – so you have the space to grow & thrive.

Our Industry Experience

The reason you choose a Social Worker (and not a psychologist) is we understand you are not a problem who needs to be fixed, we believe you are *internally* reacting from your environment & the people in it. This means your environment (work, relationships, friends, children) and you past experiences (trauma, upbringing, childhood, status) and current conflicts that you need to space to sit down and understand why you are feeling this way or sometimes reacting this way.