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Hi! I am Elena Bishop – Director

I’ve always had an interest in the science behind human behaviour & was always ‘that friend’ everyone spoke to and confided in, I make people feel safe and understanding without judgement. So I studied Psychology and grew into my Master of Social Work degree as it represents the bigger picture – individuals couples families society injustices and inequalities that I wanted to fight for.
This is why I started my practice, to make a positive difference – to have a voice for the voiceless. I am someone who inspires positive change in people’s lives. I support you in exploring your current concerns & investigating your history to uncover patterns that you may not even be aware of. I motivate you to feel strong & confident, to evolve into a better version of yourself and be happy in your relationships. Growth is impossible without change.
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Why Choose US

Social Work Private Practice is Focused on The Mental And Emotional Needs Of Individuals. We provide you with the techniques and strategies so that you will reach your potential & ultimately stop coming to therapy. I know your time and money is valuable, so being structured and goal orientated as possible by implementing the latest research for your unique situation.
But if you just need the space to talk and get things off your mind, I will sit and listen patiently. Sometimes having the permission to sit and be honest about what you are feeling can make a huge difference to your wellbeing. We are all different, and we all respond to different approaches. We work out how you would benefit and tailor our services to your needs.
On behalf of the Supportive Therapy and Social Work Group, Welcome!
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We hold that every human being has a unique and inherent equal worth and that each person has a right to wellbeing, self-fulfilment and self-determination, consistent with the rights and culture of others, and a sustainable environment. The social work profession.


Social justice is a core principle that its members are obliged to promote and uphold for society in general and for the people with whom they work.


We are guided by principles of honesty, trustworthiness and good character in all aspects of professional conduct.

A therapist should make you feel important, makes you feel your opinion is valid. Finding someone who you trust and have mutual respect – so you have the space to grow & thrive.

Our Industry Experience

The reason you choose a Social Worker (and not a psychologist) is we understand you are not a problem who needs to be fixed, we believe you are *internally* reacting from your environment & the people in it. This means your environment (work, relationships, friends, children) and you past experiences (trauma, upbringing, childhood, status) and current conflicts that you need to space to sit down and understand why you are feeling this way or sometimes reacting this way.

Master of Social Work – Griffith University

Bachelor of Psychological Science – Griffith University

eCPR Training – Wesley Mission

Tuning into Kids Parenting Course

Circle of Security Parenting Course

Psychological First Aid – Lifeline

ASIST Suicide Prevention Training – Lifeline

Certificate IV Telephone Counselling – Lifeline

The Griffith Award for Academic Excellence

Working with Children ‘Blue Card’

National Police Check Certificate

Program development for Refugee & Asylum Seekers with Wesley Mission

Facilitated Teenage Pregnancy & Antenatal Classes

Facilitated Young Parents Groups

Vietnam Veterans Counselling intake

Research Projects with Elderly Participants (get tech smart)

A private, safe and confidential space to talk with qualified and experienced practitioners who listen to you with Compassion, Understanding, Patience and Judgement Free.

Frequently Asked Questions

We have 3 sessions available - our Individual & Couples counselling is $120 and our group sessions are $30 per person. 

We have tried to make it as affordable, so it is accessible to all. If you are unable to afford the counselling session, you are welcome to attend one of our group sessions that is tailored for our clients so we can give you the information you need to help you better understand your current motivations.


If there are any issues with the amount, please feel free to contact us and discuss your current concerns. We are very approachable and support our clients with what they need. If you are not sure we are the right fit for you, please arrange a free 15 minute phone consultation so we can talk about what it is you are looking for and how we can help.

There are several reason why this 50 minutes is known as  the Therapeutic Hour  it sets psychological boundaries for the therapist and the client. Firstly, it is to protect the anonymity of our clients so you have time to leave the office before the next client arrives for their session. We all need to feel safe and not perceived judgement by others. Secondly, for psychological protection; the content that can be discussed by some clients can be traumatic, to sit with the pain for longer than 50 minutes can be unethical and I would try to reduce emotional pain where possible. It also encourages good use of time, if the client and practitioner is aware that we only have 50 minutes to explore – we can do it in a more focused manner so you can concentrate on the most important issues you need to talk about. 


We understand big issues wont be resolved in one session, but understanding we are time restricted can help all parties focus on the important issues and strategies to help you when you leave. The Therapeutic Hour also works with the theory of attention and concentration to maximise retention and learning so you actually benefit from the session and can take the information and apply it directly into your daily life.

This is an important question. Professional support is different in that it is a structured approach to how the situation is explored to best benefit the client. Specifically, in understanding and breaking repeated patterns and to support you when you have been triggered by a traumatic event, we can help you navigate through it and give you the tools to know what to do when you feel vulnerable again. Also, we do not have previous knowledge about you like a friend would, we are not dismissive or would downplay any of your concerns. You are able to trust us in a way you wouldn’t with your friend because we listen unconditionally, with no judgement and encourage you to be as honest as you can so we can – which you may be more reserved with a friend. We are professionally trained in the skills to safely explore the feelings, thoughts and even fantasies underlying these patterns. Our priority is the safety and the confidentiality of our clients because it is from a legal and ethical viewpoint. Also, the dialogue is focused in one direction – yours. We only talk about

you and you have the freedom to explore and share what you need, a friendship discussion converses both ways so you are unable to feel completely supported. 

If you are cancelling because of conflicting appointments or illness please let us know immediately (call, text, Facebook messenger) so we can change your appointment & give it to someone who is waiting. 

If you are cancelling because you are nervous, anxious or overwhelmed by this process, please give us a chance and don't give up on yourself. Talk to us and speak up about why you are unsure. This is why we are here. We understand that life can be busy and unexpected events can arise that you need to prioritise, so with enough notice any cancellation you won't be charged. 

But if you have booked for several sessions and continually don’t show up or don’t let us know, we will need to invoice you the full amount. We are a small business wanting to help people and respectfully need to be compensated for our time that we have dedicated to your confirmed and scheduled appointment.  


Thank you for understanding.

Unfortunately No we don’t. We have to charge the full fee of $120 for each session. We are not as yet eligible for this concession program. With this in mind, we have made our Therapeutic Sessions the lowest amount possible for our clients. This was also an ethical decision - that we wouldn’t charge an exorbitant amount for counselling. We understand this can be disappointing for some clients so we sincerely apologise for any inconvenience caused. However, we do support NDIS clients who are Self or Plan Managed. Thank you for your understanding.

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We provide a wide range of specialist services for private clients and offer confidential services for professionals and businesses.

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