Manipulation & the “Gaslight Tango” – How to Protect yourself

I don’t know about you, but have you ever walked away from a conversation confused and apologising for something you haven’t done, feeling awful or guilty? This can be your Mums guilt-trip speech for not visiting more often because “you don’t care about me anymore”, your Boss teasing “oh come on, I never said that,… Continue reading Manipulation & the “Gaslight Tango” – How to Protect yourself

Smarter than your Mother

At Supportive Therapy and Social Work, our Professional and Qualified counsellors have a passion for supporting people. As the Director, working in the Social Work field means I don’t look at individuals as a problem who need to be fixed, more accurately, we are all reacting from our environment (work, relationships, friends, children) past experiences… Continue reading Smarter than your Mother