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Just be aware some events are completely free and some require admission fee (in this case we will contact you regarding dietary requirements, catering preferences and children numbers)

“Mentally Strong Mums” Personal Workshops are at the reduced rate of $120 per session. Choose your top 4 sessions that you would love to understand more about (psychology & science influenced)- how this impacts your parenting style & how your children learn behaviour by watching you.
“Couples Secrets” Personal Workshops help couples understand proven qualities of long-lasting relationships – that works for you both. These 4 sessions cover Sex & Intimacy, Healthy Habits, Communication & how to continue to build trust. These 4 sessions will be running for a limited time & valued at $150 per session – at the temporary reduced rate
Mentally Strong! For October Mental Health Month we are offering short online courses to our clients that are affordable and empowering. Self Care and what it actually is, why you may not be doing it and how it can benefit you if you implement these strategies every day. Motivation and how to get it, how to achieve your goals, how to stay motivated and learn about self-sabotage (procrastination) How to increase Resilience, this is so important especially during the times of Lock Downs and isolations, and how to inspire/teach your children to become resilient. Body image, how social media can affect you, how your past has influenced your own perception and how to get acceptance from yourself and not others. Finally, Self Esteem and confidence which we all need an it brings it back to Attachment Theory and the importance of your past- If you are interested, Call or Text to find out more 0447 015 571
This free Webinar is investigating “The Sandwich Generation” and how we can support mothers. Then Sandwich Generation is a mother who is looking after her children as well as her elderly parents. Triple Decker Sandwich is a grandmother looking after her parents while babysitting her grandchildren. This explains – without judgement – The blow topics are explored and explained;
What is the Sandwich Generation
Multi-generational households
Emotional & Mental Health implications
Financial problems & statistics
Cultural comparisons
Logistics of managing household
Blended Families
When things turn sour – how to protect all parties
Practical Solutions & resolutions
How to support Mothers Mental Health
Adolescent Abuse Towards Mothers. As the MHPN Brisbane Mums Mental Health Network Coordinator, this session is so important as I have had a few clients lately that this is relevant for them especially during lockdown. Learn what is Adolescent Abuse towards Mothers, Risk Factors, how it impacts the family, and importantly how it impacts our mothers. This also gives you strategies on how to makes things better, what you can do to address this problem and where to get help. If you missed it and would like more information, please contact me. Free Event for Professionals who support clients
This workshop is for couples to help learn how to increase intimacy respect and affection, how to have effective communication to reduce conflict, turn negative and predictable patterns that we get used to into new and desired responses, as well as addressing co-dependency and self-love, the balance of independence and how life changes when we have children. If you missed this Workshop for Couples, contact us to find out the new dates and he updated topics.
I was requested to present this information session to the parents at Habitat Early Learning Centre. This should be information that is available to all parents to help them manage their new role as parents, how to evolve in the family dynamic, keeping your own values and identity while still being engaged in the family unit. Specifically, we will talk about Self-Care and what it actually is, Motivation and how to get it on the daily, Burnout and how to recognise it with the psychological consequences, the importance of Attachment Theory (check out my YouTube page) as well as basic parenting strategies to keep parents and children empathetically connect.
These bite sized information sessions that were delivered to Mothers Groups. This is the third and final was part of a series to inform, empower and educate about real life experiences that mothers experience. This week was birth trauma, how do you know if it was traumatic (if you feel it was, then it is) the physical and mental impacts, how to move forward to build a secure attachment with your child while still caring for yourself.
This June we are involved in the #pushupchallenge for awareness of Mental Health – All welcome to get involved! Mental health is so important 🌿we encourage you to learn more about Mental Health 🌱 learn how to Support Yourself in hard times 🍃 learn how it feels when you push through and reach your goals! 🍁 Sharing awareness, physical activity, goal setting and feeling like you are involved in a larger community.🎍
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— If you want to join our group, contact us and we can arrange a weekly session getting everyone together 

To our beautiful Mothers, this is an opportunity for you to come in and talk about what you want to, without interruption. This time is for you, about you, and the support that you may be looking for. Think about it, what does mum really want for Mothers day? Someone to listen to her. This is what we are here for, to support those who support others. We recognise our beautiful mothers and would like to offer a Mothers Day Gift Certificate for those in need.

This is the first of three information sessions
We have been invited to have a stall at The Hills Playtime in the Park (The Hills District All Abilities Playground) Thursday May 20 @ 10am – 2pm. Come down and say hi and let the kids play with bubbles and tonka trucks while parents can relax and get to know each other. Look forwards to seeing you all!
Every week, bookings essential. If we have too many people we will need to reschedule you.
Every week, bookings essential. If we have too many people we will need to reschedule you.
Every week, bookings essential. If we have too many people we will need to reschedule you.

Call or Text: 0447 015 571

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If possible, could you please contact us if you are looking to attend. This is so we can adjust catering, manage dietary restrictions, allocate for additional children’s entertainment or comply with COVID restrictions

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